I've always believed that the best part of this business was the "coming up with ideas" part. Figuring out ways to sell products or services in new ways that reward consumers for viewing, reading or clicking. Yeah, that's pretty satisfying.
Selling ideas, sure, that's part of the job. And you get pretty good at it after a certain amount of experience. I once worked for a Creative Director who told me there's no better person to sell an idea than its creator because no one else has the same passion to get the job done. And he was right.
But selling myself? That's something I've never liked to do. I always rather felt that my work spoke for itself. Only now, I'm forced to do the talking. And it ain't easy for me.
So, with that said, here comes the difficult "selling myself" bit. 
I'm an award-winning hands-on Creative Director/Art Director with experience in delivering brand building work (including television, print, digital and social campaigns) for clients of all sizes.
I’m a great presenter, mentor and conceptual thinker with expertise in cracking big ideas.
Those combined abilities have allowed me to build strong partnerships with the clients I’ve worked with, which led to better, bolder, more creative and more effective advertising.
Take a look at my work, and if you like what you see, let’s talk.
I'd love to have the chance to show you what I can do. Because nothing gets my heart beating faster than creating something new and wonderful. Who knows? Maybe my next big idea will be for you.
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